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Life Insurance

Having the right policy can be essential to planning both your present and your future. Life insurance will provide you with some financial assistance for your family after you are gone and there are many different life insurance options that offer you investment opportunities and benefits you can use while you are still living.

Death Benefit: When you pass away, the policy provides income with tax-free money to your named beneficiary. Beneficiaries can use this money to pay for debt obligations, tuition, estate taxes, funeral expenses, or anything they need. A policy can also provide security for your business to buy out the interest of a deceased partner.

Living Benefits: Depending on the policy you choose, you may have a cash value aspect. The cash value growth is tax-deferred and you aren’t paying taxes on the growth of the cash value unless you withdraw the money. Withdrawals or loans can be taken against the policy to help with a down payment on a home or with college tuition.

Different Life Insurance Policies in Pennsylvania

Different policies will provide you with different benefits. You may find that your needs change over time so you will want to change the policy you have. An agent at Jillian O'Brien Insurance can help you find the right policy for your needs.

Term Life Insurance: This policy will only provide protection for a given period. If you don’t currently have a life insurance policy, this may be a good way to start since it’s usually less expensive than some other options. Term life insurance can sometimes be converted to a permanent policy in order to provide you some flexibility.

Whole Life Insurance: This is permanent life insurance and will remain in effect if you pay premiums. It can be used as an investment opportunity since these policies build cash value over time.

Universal Life: This is also permanent life insurance but is more flexible when it comes to premiums and benefits.

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